Business Development Experience

Creating new businesses, upgrading existing business models, and turning under performing businesses into viable profit centers. Transforming visions into reality through research, creativity, hard work, leadership, and a persistent dedication to results.

New Business Development

Planning and execution. Market research, competitor studies, and price point analysis provide the foundation for launching these new businesses initiatives. Marketing strategies, sales processes, and operational procedures were developed to maximize success.

Greenstar Bikes

Created the world's first and only modern, affordable bamboo bicycle company. See it here.

  • Full Business Plan and Pitch Deck

  • Website and Social Media

  • Corporate Identity

Teacher Lift

Created an educational recruiting and advocacy company to help USA teachers find work teaching English in Chinese schools. See it here.

  • Business Model Canvass

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • Revenue and Expenses

  • Marketing Plan

  • Website and Social Media

  • Corporate Identity

Enliven Cacao

Created the USA side of this non profit community develop program. See it here.

  • Corporate Identity

  • Website and Social Media

  • Sales and Marketing strategies and implementation

  • Salesforce Development

HomeWide Benefits

Created to allow employers to provide their employees with benefits at no cost to their company or employees. These benefits included deep discounts from local merchants, educational seminars focusing on personal finances and home ownership, and a live point of contact for answers to all employee questions. This business generated revenue by driving employees to merchants and service providers that provided discounts and seminars to participants of the program.

Credit Aid USA

Created to assist consumers who wished to improve and/or repair their credit report and credit score, for the purpose of securing financing or other services at much lower costs. This business penetrated both the B2C and B2B markets by partnering with financial professionals who needed their clients’ credit to improve for the purpose of qualifying their clients’ for their best products and services.

Family First Home Solutions

Created to help families during the foreclosure crisis. Partnered with attorneys, real estate agents, lenders and counselors to find the best solution for each family's unique challenges.


Four companies needed a complete overhaul. They were all part of the same holding company, had similar names, and shared the same outdated look and feel.

The Mission

Create new names, logos, brands, marketing campaigns and strategies, collateral, communications, sales presentations, and customer interaction pathways for four different companies. Facilitate necessary changes in IT, HR, Vendor Relations, and existing customer base.

The Challenge

Many employees fear change. Over the years, hundreds of employees had grown accustomed to their company’s name and look. Such a drastic change could easily be viewed as negative by the staff. Questions and rumors would arise. Why are we changing? Did we do something bad? Are we hiding? Are we being sold? Will we be unemployed soon?

The Solution

To quell rumors and earn the full support of all employees, they must view this change as positive. Eric Hiller created an event whereby all employees where introduced to the changes in a multimedia celebration of new beginnings and a bright future.

Enterprise Solutions

Increasing revenues and improving operational efficiencies by streamlining procedures, increasing communication, and utilizing technology as a tool.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Created, customized and managed CRM systems on multiple platforms, including proprietary SQL based systems, enterprise solutions like, and online solutions like Streak, Zoho, HubSpot, Insightly, etc..

Customer Life Cycle

Analyzed the complete customer contact experience. Identified potential new contact points, defined contact methods, and assigned contact responsibilities to various segments of marketing, sales, and management staff. The result was a customer life cycle transformation from a linear start-finish model, to one that became an infinite and circular: the never-ending customer for life.

Migration Procedures

Switching from one platform to another while keeping the business running is a little like changing a flat tire on a moving car. It requires careful planning, attention to detail, and solid leadership to gain the full support of all staff members. Done correctly, the transition is smooth and the benefits are realized immediately.

Upgrading Technology: Going Paperless

Numerous projects converting sales, marketing, and operations from a paper environment to integrated database solutions. Database design and table structuring to capture all relevant data. Designing user interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use. Creating data analysis tools and reports for performance tracking, forecasting, CRM, payroll, and accounting.

Joint Ventures

Developing the business by acquiring or partnering with existing infrastructures and talent has proven to be a fast track to bottom line profits with minimal capital investment.

Marketing Affiliates

Took advantage of unique B2C marketing channels in related industries to drive business to our company. This required B2B prospecting and sales presentations, vigilant research into government regulations, and creating a marketing plan that was simple for target companies to implement while still offering them considerable compensation for their participation.

Affiliated Branches

What do you do when your best employees want to start their own business? If you can’t stop them…join them. We created a system to harness the entrepreneurial drive of key personnel by allowing them to pursue their dreams while still contributing to the company’s bottom line. We set them up with a location and provide the back office operations while they build the business in their own branch. We keep them close by offering phantom stock and P&L based compensation plans. We increase our revenues by billing them for services provided at a fair market value.


Why start your own division when you can acquire an established business and realize the same net profits with zero start up costs? Experience in small business analysis, marketing, and sales are crucial to establishing mutually beneficial partnerships that last. Creating and delivering the initial presentation to potential partners is the key to making the most of first impressions. But a long lasting partnership can only be successful if both parties continually appreciate the benefits of the partnership and feel they are gaining more than they are losing.


Opening new locations required research into licensing requirements, lease options, work force planning, and integration and communication with existing locations and vendors. Profitability studies were completed based on the demographics of the new location combined with existing production numbers.

Proposals and RFPs

Experience includes research, writing, and formatting both Proposals and Request For Proposals (RFPs).


Creating a successful proposal demands far more than just submitting an itemized invoice wrapped in a boiler plate marketing brochure. It must serve the client’s emotional needs as well as their technical requirements.

It starts with understanding the client’s industry, their strengths and weaknesses, their current and desired position in the marketplace, their corporate culture and vision, and the challenges they face from their competitors.

Next, you must look beyond the features of the proposed product or service and uncover the client’s true motivations. Every client has a preconceived mental picture of the benefits of their new product or service. A successful proposal will speak to and reinforce the importance of attaining those benefits as quickly as possible.

Finally, the proposal itself must be formatted in such a way as to visually stimulate the reader. It must hold their attention, be simple to understand, and make use of appropriate graphics, forts, and colors. Any errors in the proposal’s text or formatting are completely unforgivable.


A clear and concise Request for Proposal can dramatically impact the vendor selection process, helping to weed out unqualified or undesirable vendors. A professionally written and well documented RFP also sets the tone for the vendor/client relationship, which in turn ultimately shapes the quality and timeliness of the desired product or service.

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