An experienced executive with an entrepreneurial spirit. Eric Hiller has over 20 years of professional and creative experience, with a major focus in the following areas:

Creating new businesses, upgrading existing business models, and turning under performing businesses into viable profit centers. Eric Hiller has accomplished all three...see details

Eric Hiller has successfully demonstrated the ability to motivate large groups of people to apply their unique and individual skills toward achieving a common goal...see details

Marketing is the foundation of any successful business. Eric Hiller has successfully created and implemented all types of marketing campaigns, including telemarketing, direct mail, email, internet, and much more...see details

At the core of every successful business lies an efficient sales process and finely tuned sales staff. Eric Hiller has spent years creating, training, and delivering sales presentations for countless products and services...see details

Organizational success depends on having the right amount of employees with the right competencies at the right time. Eric Hiller is experienced in Workforce Planning, Recruiting, Screening, Interviewing, and On Boarding...see details

Breaking down complex tasks into easy to understand modules designed to maximize comprehension and skill retention. Eric Hiller has successfully created and facilitated complete, multimedia, interactive group training courses as well as...see more