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Eric Hiller

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Business Development
Public Speaking

Experience in Training
Successfully created and facilitated complete, multimedia, interactive group training courses as well as self study materials and reference manuals. Experienced in both classroom and on-the-job training environments. Proficient in breaking down complex tasks into easy to understand modules designed to maximize comprehension and skill retention. Effective in groups of all sizes.


Leadership Training

Many companies promote their best performers to leadership positions. While that seems like a good way to reward excellent performance, and sometimes it is, it usually creates new challenges.


Just because a person excels in a certain function, that doesn’t mean the person can effectively lead others who perform the same function. This scenario is most common in sales, but happens in all industries and job types.

Leaders aren’t born – they’re made. When thrust into the situation mentioned above, with no formal leadership training, the new leader is prepared only to fail.

Eric Hiller has taught leadership concepts that revolve around one simple concept. A leader must have followers. People decide who to follow. If they choose not to follow you, either your vision is severely unpopular, or you are not an effective leader.

Leadership training content includes subjects like how to connect with your staff, discovering what really motivates your people and how to use it, coaching versus bossing, mentoring, appearance and body language, appropriate consequences for both negative and positive behaviors, maximizing your physical space, promoting your vision, developing successful employees, and much more.


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New Hire Training

Created and facilitated training for new employees in sales, marketing, support, operations, and management. Successful New Hire Training programs accomplished three things:

1. Generate excitement in the group. Trainees realize they have made the right choice and are grateful for their opportunity to be a part of the company. They are confident, ready, and eager to get to work.

2. First impressions are formed during new hire training. Employees are a blank slate on which to write the company’s culture and expectations, appropriate behaviors, and individual responsibilities. They understand the importance of their position and how their results impact their coworkers and the company.

3. The basic skills and procedures of the trainees’ function are demonstrated, practiced, reviewed, and tested in a hands-on environment.


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Recruiting & Interviewing Training

Trained Hiring Managers and Supervisors in all areas of staffing. Customized strategies to meet the needs of different job functions, current employment markets, and available labor pools.

Subjects include how to screen and convert job calls into interviews, behavioral interviewing techniques, compliance with the laws, and how to track and analyze staffing effectiveness.


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Software Training

Instructed and developed curriculum and materials for beginner, intermediate, and advanced computer software users. Most software training was geared toward non-technical personnel.

Experienced training both commercial and proprietary software, including Microsoft’s Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Project, and Visio, as well as proprietary marketing, sales, administrative, as well as Sales, Support, and CRM applications written for SQL Server databases.


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Admin & Support Training
Developed training materials and procedural manuals for receptionists, office managers, IT help desk, customer service, clerical, and leadership positions.

Sales Training

Experience in sales training includes B2C, B2B, inside sales, outside sales, face-to-face, and over the phone. Sales types include prospecting, cold calling, retail, up selling, renewals, and repeat sales.

Eric Hiller has taught sales concepts like creating rapport, establishing trust, uncovering commonalities, identifying customer types, listening skills, body language and appearance, discovery techniques, handling objections, features versus benefits, breaking down the complex sale, assumptive closing, the take-away, the tie down, post-sale follow up, and much more.

Product and service knowledge training focused on first identifying customers’ wants and needs, then matching the product’s benefits to leverage an emotional decision, and finally reinforcing the benefits with technical features.

Created and facilitated instructor-lead as well as self-study sales training. Utilized many media formats including PowerPoint, paper manuals, handouts, computer-based training, white boards, quizzes, and group exercises.


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Trainer Training

An effective trainer must have the ability to capture and maintain their audiences’ attention, to motivate their audience to learn, and to present often tedious materials in an entertaining fashion.


Trainer training experience focused on teaching trainers how to build rapport, increase participation, and maintain control without limiting interaction.

Instructed trainers in the importance of their appearance, body language, movements, and how to utilize physical space for maximum effect. Created guidelines for staging a training room to maximize focus and participation.

Created materials for trainers, including teachers’ manuals, games, quizzes, and interactive activities. Taught trainers how to create and use visual aids such as props and slide shows. PowerPoint presentations should never be just their words on a screen.


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Remedial Training

Sometimes performance falls below expectations and coaching alone isn’t enough. Successful Remedial Training programs focused on two things:

1. Back to the basics. Over time, people tend to take shortcuts and begin to dismiss certain procedures they deem unnecessary or ineffective. Remedial training reminds employees how to use the right tools, and why they are so crucial to their success.

2. Renew their confidence. Getting employees out of slumps is about more than just the mechanics of their job. Successful remedial training reawakens the excitement and eagerness they felt when first hired. It also reestablishes the importance of their position and how their results impact their coworkers and the company.


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Computer Based Training

Developed curriculum, modules, materials, layout, and graphical user interfaces for computer based training (CBT).

Designed an enterprise-wide CBT structure to benefit all employee types, including sales, admin, support, customer service, and management.

Worked with department heads, supervisors, and employees to develop meaningful content, quizzes and tests to accurately assess trainees’ needs and gauge their retention.


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Training Samples

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