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Eric Hiller

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Business Development
Public Speaking

Experience in Marketing
Marketing is the foundation of any successful business. Eric Hiller has successfully created and implemented all types of marketing campaigns, including telemarketing, direct mail, email, internet, and much more for both business to business and business to consumer campaigns.



Built, managed, and successfully led both outbound and inbound call centers for B2C and B2B marketing. Experienced in both cold-call prospecting and warm-call retention campaigns.


Call Center campaign expertise includes Lead Generation, Sales, Fundraising, Lobbying, Appointment Setting, Renewals, Customer Service, Quality Control, and Order Confirmations.



Brochures, Presentation Materials, Business Cards, Flyers, Announcements, Newsletters, Coupons, Leave Behinds, and much more.


Designed and created marketing collateral to support all phases of sales, customer service, and operations.


Trade Shows

Effective Trade Show marketing means finding a way to stand out in a sea of booths. Attract a crowd and keep them there.

Designed, created, and utilized interactive multi-media displays, games, contests, give-aways, and a small electric oven from which emanated the irresistible odor of fresh baked cookies.


Outdoor Advertising

Billboards, building, and monument signage design. Also experienced in comparing and analyzing bids, materials, construction techniques, and local licensing requirements.


Tracking and Analysis

A major component to successful marketing is tracking. All marketing campaigns require careful attention to statistics.


Eric Hiller is experienced in tracking, analyzing, and presenting response rates, lead capture percentages, conversion ratios, and acquisition costs.



Marketing Samples

View all available samples of Marketing including direct mail, websites, email, telemarketing, multimedia, print ads, seminars, trade shows, outdoor media, and much more...

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Direct Mail

Designed, created, tested, and implemented multiple B2B and B2C campaigns utilizing letters, brochures, postcards, newsletters and emails.


Experienced in all campaign types including prospecting, retention, renewals, and confirmations.



Designed, created, and maintained numerous websites for both B2C and B2B marketing and sales.

Also experienced in search engine optimization and search engine marketing, including content maximization, keyword placement and relevance, and backlinks.



Designed, created, and produced presentations in Power Point, Flash, and both digital and conventional film.


Print Advertising

Designed and created both text and display ads for newspapers, magazines, and yellow pages. Experienced in working directly with publishers’ sales departments, as well as media buyers.



Developed and facilitated B2C seminars for the purpose of lead generation and sales.


Experienced in all phases, including advertising to generate attendance, creating collateral and presentation materials, delivering the seminar itself, lead capture techniques, and appropriate follow up with attendees designed to gather feedback for improvement and generate sales.


Marketing On Hold

When your customers call and get put on hold, what do they hear? Marketing on Hold includes appropriate voice talent, background music, and 5, 10, and 15 second scripts designed to up-sell, cross sell, inform, and reinforce the brand.